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Fresh Hay
Oxbow Western Timothy 15Oz ($8.80)
Oxbow Western Timothy 40Oz ($17.50)
Oxbow Orchard Grass 15Oz ($8.80)
Oxbow Orchard Grass 40Oz ($17.50)
Oxbow Oat Hay 15Oz ($9.40)
Oxbow Alfafa Hay 15Oz ($9.40)
APD Timothy High Fiber 10Oz ($8.80)
APD Timothy Gold 10Oz ($8.80)
APD Timothy Gold 5L ($33.80)
APD Alfafa Hay 10Oz ($9.40)
Kay Tee Aspen Shaving (S$12.50)
Breeder Celect 15Lit ($15.50)
Breeder Celect 35Lit ($33.00)
Pet Nature Paper Palletized Animals Bedding 30L ($25.30)
Back 2 Nature 15Lit ($15.50)
Back 2 Nature 35Lit ($33.00)
Cat's Best 10Lit ($12.80)
Cat's Best 40Lit ($45.80)
Hagen Daily Scoop 32lbs ($32.50)
Petsafe Small Animal Cages 500ml ($10.50)
Fortified Feed
Sluis Superior Menu Guinea Pig Food (S$23.80)
Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe 5lbs ($22.50)
Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe 10lbs ($33.90)
Mazuri 2lbs ($10.70)
Mazuri 6lbs ($26.40)
Mazuri 12.5lbs ($45.00) *not available*
Oxbow Cavy Performance 10lbs ($19.90)
Oxbow Cavy Cusine 10lbs ($23.90)
Oxbow Bunny Basic/Timothy Based 10lbs (S$21.90)
Oxbow Bunny Basic 23/15 - Alfafa Based 10lbs (S$16.90)
Health Food
Oxbow Papaya 200's ($17.00)
Nutri-cal ($19.00)
Chinchilla Supplement Special ($6.90)
Oxbow Critical Care 1lbs ($53.90)
APD Papaya and Pineapple Cube ($10.30)
Fresh Kaytee Rose Hip ($3.80)
Water Buddy 8Oz ($25.00)
Water Buddy 16Oz ($38.50)
Kindly indicate yr items if they do not appear in the order list. Thank You

Please check before you submit your order.
Kindly allow minimum 2 days to process yr order before the delivery date.
Payment: Cash On Delivery

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