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Marukan - Dwarf Mixed Food

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Retail Price: S$8.00/box (200gm)
Retail Price: S$13.80/box (400gm)

Marukan - Balance Hamster Main food

Retail Price: S$6.90/pkt (500gm)
Retail Price: S$11.90/pkt (1000gm)

AB Seton - Hamster Mixed Main Food

High quality main food for yr hamsters with "Fruity Bites"

Retail Price: S$8.80/pkt (300gm)

Brown's Encore Pouch Hamster/Gerbils food
Encore, a premium, vitamin-fortified food, is formulated to provide the proper nutrition your pet requires. We've blended the highest quality select seeds and grains together and topped it off with our colorful, vitamin-packed food shapes that make feeding time exciting, tasty, healthy & fun !
* Stand-Up Resealable Zipper Pouches to Maintain Optimal Freshness
* Vitamin & Mineral Fortified
* Enhanced With Zoo-Vital Pelleted Daily Diets
* Animal Specified Blends

Retail Price: S$6.50/pkt (908gm)

Vitapol - Standard food for Hamsters

Hamster Standard main food

Retail Price: S$3.90/box (500gm)

Vitapol - Hamster Food with Fruit

Retail Price: S$4.90/box (500gm)

Vitapol -
Nut cracker for rodent
Fruit cracker for rodent
Forest fruit cracker for rodent
Apple cracker for rodent
Strawberry cracker for rodent

Retail Price: S$3.50/box

Sluis Superior Menu Hamster food
Sluis Superior Menu Hamster Food is a balanced and complete nourishment that meets the specific dietary requirements of your hamster. Composed of ingredients selected for their taste and nutritional value. Sluis hamster food contains Omega 3 fatty acids for extra resistance, healthy skin and a shiny coat. Sluis hamster food is suitable for hamsters and gerbils of all ages.

Retail Price: S$6.20/pkt (500gm)

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