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Our start in chinchilla goes back to 2002 when we spotted these furballs at the pet shop. We got our first pair of Standard Grey soon after. Our deep interest grow and we had our first pair of USA imported chinchilla in the mid 2003. Our herd consist of more than 20 furballs now.

We have always recommended daily feed of Mazuri pellets and mix of 1st/2nd green timothy hay for our chinchillas.
Below are some of our little cuties.........

My friendly Mosaic Male, Momo

Snow, the naughty and active Female

My pretty Winnie and her 1mth old 2nd son, Panda


Wheeking Wheeking............

We are attracted to this little piggies who response to you and communicate with their loud wheek. We have a pair of Peruvian, one sheltie, coronet and merino in our pet family now.

We feed flow of green timothy hay such as APD and oxbow hay and Labdiet pellets. Our piggies' fur quality and appetite have improved. We do not have to worry we need to give greens to supplement them.

My Cuties Piggies - hazel,Yogi and Vanilla. They are feed on Labdiet for Guinea Pigs

My first pair of Peruvian, Ripple and Toffee and have give birth to 1st pair of baby gals

My Handsome Standard Grey Male - Toto

Shy Beanie, Violet Wrap Female

Winnie's Obedient daughter, Ginger.

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